Own On-Site Dental Laboratory

Our on-site Dental Laboratory is an essential part of Gil Dental Group’s practice. The Gil Dental Group has always had its own Dental Lab for all of the clinic’s laboratory work. Our dedicated lab guarantees many benefits for your dental care.

One of the advantages is how we are able to control the quality and excellence of our final product during each phase of the procedure. Through constant analysis and adjustment, we can guarantee the precision of the final product. Another benefit is how we are able to efficiently manage the lab’s delivery dates for the product to fulfill the needs and requirements of our patients.

Our technicians are able to discuss the cases, check the color, measurements and comparisons directly on the patient, check impressions and all the details that make our products unique.

If a quick adjustment is necessary, no new appointment is needed since our lab technicians can correct it in only a few minutes.

Our laboratory uses cutting edge technology to satisfy the needs of our patients. With the digital technology revolution, restorations are now designed digitally for each case. This will guarantee the accuracy and quality for the patient, from crown and metal free restorations up to implant supported complete restoration, all of them under the supervision of our specialists in Prosthodontics. We guarantee the use of the best available materials in order to ensure an exceptional final product.

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