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Your Dental Health Deserves a Specialist!

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Your Dental Health Deserves a Specialist!

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Your Dental Health Deserves a Specialist!

What Do Our Patients Say?

Thirty years ago I was looking for a good dentist to get crowns on a visible part of my mouth. Someone recommended Dr. Lucas Gil, and I was more than satisfied with his work. You couldn't even tell the difference between the crowns and my natural teeth. Now, more than 30 years later, without having had any trouble with my crowns, I need to renew them since with the passing of time my gums have moved slightly upward.

So it is because of a matter of esthetics that now I have new crowns. And like so many years ago I'm more than satisfied with Dr. Gil's work

Sandra Montalbert-Smith

Excellent dental care, very professional, courteous, and flexible service. Entire staff is wonderful. Received compliments on quality of work when I went for routine cleaning and exam upon my return to Alaska. Clinicagil receives my highest recommendation. The clinic is located close to motels and shopping. The whole staff endeavors to make your dental care a positive experience.

Ruth Walcutt, Alaska

For most of 63 years, I was caught between wanting to smile and feeling embarrassed because of my teeth. With 7 missing congenitally, you can imagine the gaps, the temporary fillings and caps that I had to go through, all of which would break or chip over time. Lately, my teeth were also getting grey and tired-looking, as in many people as they age.
It took Dr Gil, and his excellent professional team, 3 months to change my smile; at 64, my expression now radiates with a natural sparkle that immediately makes people want to smile back. I am constantly asked what I've done to myself to look so fresh and bright. I've realized how much I enjoy smiling, so it's even had an effect on my disposition and my body language. I feel confident about my looks; because I know I look better, am more outgoing and communicative, optimistic and upbeat.
Who would have thought that just having pretty teeth would change so much? This is like starting a new chapter in life, with a renewed me - still the same, just better!

M. Figueres

I'm a British businessman who has lived in Costa Rica for over 20 years. As an owner of a beach hotel I employ a lot of people and constantly meet tourists who stay at our resort.
I have known Dr. Lucas Gil for most of my time here. He has treated my wife and I extensively with bridges, crowns, a full set of dentures and general hygene work. One of my department managers also received implants and general dental care. Over the years we have sent friends and clients to Dr. Gil and all have praised his work.

Phillip Edwards

I would like to thank you and your staff for the implant surgery that you performed on me. I was concerned at the beginning, with not knowing what to expect.
You and your staff discussed with me, step by step what you were going to do. This was very reassuring.
Many people have commented on how great my teeth look. I then tell them that you are the best dentist in Costa Rica for implant surgery.

Sara Rosenfeld

Dr. Cifuentes, Thank you very much! I’m so grateful and excited! May God keep blessing your hands, give you health so you can keep giving back smiles to your patients, just like you did with mine. Thanks to you and your assistants who work at Gil Dental Group, in both your offices, Escazú and San Pedro

Ana Yancy Valverde Bolaños, Costa Rica

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Cifuentes for a short time, never the less I can reaffirm that all his personal shines with professionalism and customer service. After spending weeks with pain, and consult several other doctors, I was sent to Dr. Cifuentes, where with the joint work with Dr. Muñoz, could achieve the right diagnosis. Both Doctors took their time to analyze and explain my problem. They recommended different treatment plans with their pros and cons, and cost. I would definitely recommend them with my family and friends.

Adriana Asch, Moravia, Costa Rica

Dr. Cifuentes is an awesome dentist! He´s professional, honest, and very open minded. He´s always concerned during your whole appointment that you feel comfortable, and the most important part, he never rushes, takes his time… I have never felt any pain! He really takes care of his patients! I can recommend him 100 000%, and not only because he´s my favorite dentist, but because he´s a great human being and professional. So now you know: He´s the most “pura vida” dentist!

Carlos Muñoz, Professional Surfer, Costa Rica

I am a US dental patient with a life-long problem of poor teeth. My expectations were exceeded by the Gil Dental Group, in my first consultation there, three visits for treatment and now with the results in my mouth. The staff in this practice, starting with Lucas Gil himself, provides personal attention in a quiet, hard-working atmosphere. This clinic will make and adjust your crowns and implants in its state-of-the art laboratory, which is a few steps from the patients’ chairs. The in-house laboratory is key to this clinic’s high quality work and accountability. Senior personnel participate in professional conferences in Europe and the USA to stay abreast of new technology and materials in this rapidly-moving field. Gil Dental Group charges a bit more than I was offered when I shopped my first treatment plan online. This plan was minimal due to the high cost by US standards. But who wants the cheapest work if your teeth should last a lifetime? The Gil group’s prices were so much less than I would have paid in the US, that I had more teeth repaired. I will enjoy eating and smiling and have a better life thanks to the Gil Dental Group.

Deborah Shapley, Washington DC, EE.UU.

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